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Around The Water Cooler (Occupational Sexism)
(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

Around The Water Cooler (Occupational Sexism)

Poem By Michael Fischer

(Johnson and his close friends
stand around and make jokes
at the water cooler...)

The glass escalator
bears no dirt or footprints,
thanks to a woman's touch.

But I can't say the same
about the glass ceiling;
It hasn't been cleaned yet.

They don't make toothbrushes
with handles long enough
for women to work with!

And even in high heels,
women still can't reach it;
They always come up short!

If the art of cleaning
wasn't an innate skill,
I would do it myself!

We could let them go, but...
who would we undermine?
Who'd we play grab ass with?

(Laughter fills the break room;
Till she sticks her head in
to see what's going on...)

'Johnson, get back to work;
I don't pay you to stand
and babble with your friends! '

'Yes Ms. Corp, right away! '

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