Arra Musha

Each time the mixing bowl is on the ledge,
You're here with me in my kitchen. Scent of
Sponge wafts from cold oven. I crack an egg
Then stir my mix. I tick in time far off
Sat on your lap while you comb through my hair
Arra musha, a gráín. What's this stance?
One chicken broke a wing and you offer
The spectacle of severed head death dance.
Five children screaming run for mother. Could
She once have watched that gruesome show for lark?
We sit round peeling a great pot of spud;
Our bird forgot makes finest roast. As dark
Descends you rock another hen with beak
Tucked under wing and we all fall asleep.

arra musha: colloquial Irish meaning ahh pet.
a gráín: Irish meaning little pet. Pronunciation: a graw een.

by Annette Lohan

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