Arrival Day

all guess
on what is
to come next
tomorrow maybe
or a win at the lottery
or a good night's sleep after
great sex with anyone other than
Yep! Guessing is that out of sorts' game
A thought, a wager, abet it is not the same as
knowing; ah… that betting thing, one and in the same
as praying!
busting out all of your trust in; and then that big guy laughs!
You know that you heard him… and that laugh you will never forget
and as his laugh fades out of your perception and ability
to comprehend
the awe of
this moment that you have experienced, more than once or twice in this lifetime… all hell breaks loose! The shite truly hits that
fan, as you know whom appears in a great big boom, ka-boom!
offering you up!
Or at least reaching out and grabbing you up and again that
proffering plausible and ever so probing probability of
what if I cave in and accept this here contract this
simple one pager,
on which a gibberish of woe or gracious gift of
dough is thought to live as in the ink and
the paper are alive!
This ain't no jive,
this is real life... And it is
your turn to play, Or turn
away and run to your
laughing daddy;
hehe or sign
on the last
line here
now you

Inspired by the word works of Tirupathi Chandrupatla

by Michael Walkerjohn

Comments (3)

The image of the laughing daddy....amazing. I suspect we all guess on what is to come next, all the time, and mostly about what is to happen from one moment to the next.
Oh! this is fantastic least you have the courage to put your thoughts in such a unique way....
Nice. Love the way you tried to expose.