Arrivals And Departures

We arrive amidst cries of pain, tears of joy and laughter.
Brought to our senses by a sound slap to our buttocks; our
first cry for acknowledgment is uttered! Nurturing or neglect molds us resulting in our leaping or
crawling into each new phase of life. Constantly changing—nothing is quite the same amidst the
total rearranging of lives spattered with insignificant
victories while enmeshed with unseen dreams. Eventually, it dawns on us that—We've reached the Point
of No Return! We are painfully aware that—Arrivals and
Departures are the only certainties. Too late to run; we depart in a familiar atmosphere, cries
of pain and tears of sorrow. With a final cry for acknowledgment, We leap towards
whatever awaits; Once more, We've Arrived!

by Lisa P. Files

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