JTR (Undisclosed / Whitechapel, England)


What did you expect of us?
It's not like you made us to be successful, you arrogant deity.
If we were created in your image...
Why do we fight with such ferocity?
Why do we die so easily?
Why do we lust so readily?
Arrogance, just like dad.
Pitiful children...

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lol I had to laugh at this blasphamy Jack the R! lol A good write and it does make sense. Why oh who indeed. Smiling at you, Tai
Expectation= arrogance
ive now read some of your poems and i gotta say that i love your style, espically this one, keep 'em coming...lol
Great poem. I've only read a couple of yours so far but I really like what I've seen. Short and right to the point with a powerful punch! Very nice. Sincerely, mary
Yup, this is my kinda thing. Well done. Hugs Anna xxx
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