Arrogance Of A Mute And Deaf Man

In a little while your illusion will burst
In a little while the mystery will reveal itself
In a little while day will turn itself inside out
In a little while I’l be a closed book
In a little while you’ll lose me again
In a little while words wouldn’t matter
Because words never came out and they never will

Do I owe an apology?
I am not part of the song?
No one would miss if I was gone?
Is the only companion silence?
Am I the natural?
Deserted I got the answers
When crowded I was a question on a boat.

Every emotion in one color
Every rhyme is a distant joy
Every sound is only mine
Every act’s centre
Only eyes says it and hands talk it all
Like a chalk attached to a blackboard
I am what’s left when no one is in the hall.

A drink is all I am
A drink is all I care
A drink’s calmness defines me
A drink that is not for share
Emptiness is what I saw
Emptiness is what you hear
I am the one welcomed by the eyes but discarded by the ears and mouths.



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beautiful.... really depicts the lonliness of the man