# Arrogance Or Ignorance

God’s finest creation
Man, abused gift
Of imagination,
In his folly
For self annihilation…

He unwittingly
Beats the devil
At his diabolical game
And claims
It’s in His Maker’s name…

He let’s all hell loose
And pretends ignorance
And has the temerity
To ask who’s
Responsible for this mess…

How does gift of reason
Make him superior
To the beasts…?

Peace was
Never on his mind.
A look at the weapons
Of destruction, tell
All along he was lying.

In his grandiose plans
He had not seen
He was digging
His own grave.

Overcome with remorse
On seeing the corpse
Of his young child,
He shakes his head
Everything demands a price…

Has God
Turned his back,
Like a father
Does when his son
Goes on a wrong track…
For he knows
He has to learn
From his mistakes…

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (4)

The environment and surrounding that we lived help to inflict the hatred, selfishness, arrorgance and ignorance againts our own species.If we can change the de factor, things could improve.
ignorance is neither an excuse nor arrogance is pride...man in ignorance is digging his own arrogance grave...well said, Mamta...nice poem...i liked...10
This poem should make us think! Man must learn the lessons before a total nuclear devastation takes place and it becomes too late! ! But I am hopeful that God would forgive those children who seek HIS forgiveness! 10! -Raj Nandy
great words ma'am....very striking write an awaken fact on our sleeping senses...on lazy mind to think.... i like this write....also stating the fact of being human both arrogance and ignorance... arrogance in the sense that despite all the things that God have given to us we are so pround not to accept the truth.. ignorance that we didnt take care of all His gifts... thanks for this..10+++++++