Arrogant Words

Poem By vijay gupta

Arrogant words
I have passed enough time in the shadow of arrows.
They hurt me
but I am alive.
They only hurt my body
not to my soul.
Once an arrow of the words hit me
It hit my heart and soul both.
I can never forget it.
I believe that I will die with the pain given by this arrow.
This arrow of words was shot
by my beloved-one not by my enemy.
So I realize that think
twice before shooting the arrows of the words.
(From diary of a soldier)

Comments about Arrogant Words

Nice poems... Children are hurt most That is at the personal cost Their mind accepts ho harassment It should be avoided by parents
Sharp tongue does greater havoc than serpents fangs…when comes form beloved…woefully yours poem…nice diction… thanks for sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
A great poem, written beautifully! ! 10.. I will be glad to know your opinions and comments about my poems..
words are sharper than gun. but coming from a beloved she can be forgiven.very nice.posted 10 surya

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