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Ars Gratia Denero Vs Art For The Sake Of Art

I am looking at a black widow spider crawling trapped inside a teacup
What would happen to me if I chose to drink her up?
I am looking at the amber pattern art on the side of the teacup
As trapped on the outside as the spider is inside
prosaic mosaic on the outside
dancing legs like a ballerina with poisonous venom inside

I am looking at a coffee cup shaped like Mickey Mouse
Ars gratia denero, Art for the sake of money
But thats not what they want you to believe
They sell only happiness, everyone buys
They sell no lows, only highs
I wonder who sells the lows?
I went into Lowes, they sell highs too!
Who can remodel a kitchen and mourn the bright colors?

Art for the sake of money
coming to take yours honey
Where should your money go?
To a cowboy riding his horse alone across the snow?
I know.
Send it to my new church the first church of Art.
We will get inside your heart!
First church of human being
We will start your soul to seeing!
Art for the sake of Art
its a beautiful place to start!

I am looking at a lake, a blue heron calmly stands at the edge
While in New York a distraught teen jumps off another ledge.
Goodbye cruel world she screams
As she shatters all her parents dreams
Was she my spider or my pattern we know not.
Art for the sake of art.
Salvation survives in a blueberry poptart.
Beau Golden

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Roald Dahl


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Ars gratia denero? I did try translating this Beau! lol Should that be ARSE as in beautiful Arse like mine? lol I really enjoyed this poem, it has a feeling of Little Miss Muffit to it in the beginning. I think it would read better broken up into verse, just a thought though. It does tend to meander along asking many questions as it does, the Cruel goodbye world really brings it into focus. Art for arts sake is the only way to go in my book. I despise the Money men in Art as probably all artists do. They take away the charm and love of creativity. Smiling at you, Tai