PC (7th October The Summer of Love / Leeds)



Her arse stuck up in the air
An arse so big she didn’t care
Or give an arse so to speak
For the enormous size of each arse cheek

As arses go it won hands down
Outsized every other arse in town
An arse so large where it to compete
Would make all other arses obsolete

The owner of the arse was Mary-Lou
For a long time her arse had grew and grew
Until one day her arse went kaboom!
And blew arse bits all over the front room

Petra Creffield 2006

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this one had me LOL....elegant and funny....words dance at your fingertips Petra...hats off
I love this..really funny..wish I had access to this when i was married..would have sent it to the ex mother inlaw...thanx for sharing your arse with us. best wishes jon
Very funny I like this poem a lot thank you Nik
Now that has me worried, my arse explodes regularly so it's only a matter of time... Ez
Now you've got me in teenage mood, I can see why you teach fartography at an arse college...
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