She stood a cross the room with a smile on her face and a tear in her eye. On the other side of the room there is a man waiting and staring at her. Something pulls them together. What could it be? They both never say a word to each other. What could keep them so close? He grabs her hands and dances with her. She smiles, still never saying a word. As beautiful together as they gracefully dance, but the air is thick around them. What could keep them so close? Is it the tears she sheds or is it the life they once lived? The love is gone with each of them. How sad to see a lie that they live. Whose fault is it, or is time to blame? She weeps and waits, as he doesn’t speak to her nor looks at her anymore. They separate to there side of the room, no longer looking at each other no more smiles, but now only tears. Place and people disappear into graceful statues. There faces covered with sorrow. How time can change something so happy and blissful into a cold pitiful sadness. What now? She’ll sing love songs waiting for him to return. He’ll hear, but never answer. Someone loves her. Someone come and save what’s left of this broken heart of hers. Will no one hear her please of forgiveness that kisses her soft sweet lips, which once gave life to the loves soul? He doesn’t need saving for his cold heartedness turn him into stone. His last screams made her see the end of his demise. She wept and prayed that she would not turn into stone as well. She prayed that she could save him, but he wouldn’t let her back into his heart. “My love I lost, which I seen my own fate.” She sang as she walked towards her demised love. Touching his face, tracing her finger gently across his face and sang, “Oh how I wish I could help you! ” She began to cry. “I do not wish to see you this way, but you have no one to blame.” She sang softly wiping away her tears dropping her hand from his face. “I’ll soon be with you” she whispered softly embracing him into her arms. As she started to shad her last tears, butterflies flew into the room with a rare glow that embraced her and began to turn her into stone. “I will be with you soon.” She wept softly as the last of the butterflies touched her lips and sealed them shut leaving a kiss on her lovers’ cheek. There they stay with a story they share. To seal everything with the last kiss of love and now they will never know the true happiness the other brought to them.

by Elisia Cardona

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.....most amazing and so of the best poems, I've ever read ★
i liked it.a flow like several poems were linked together to make one.longfellow's one of the good ones.hope to meet him in heaven.