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'Arsenic Verification Of Evil ' (Smoke Detector) 2/17/09
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'Arsenic Verification Of Evil ' (Smoke Detector) 2/17/09

Poem By Verlecia fields

audible by design, cheating fate playing as life's protector
you had me fooled, with blinking and what not
caring on as, you pushed out your white powered of illness
but it did not wash my black away

my illness is but away to let me see
you planed with great care to take my life form from me~
i want only to see your good name paster all over the news
and for other to know that in your blood.... line
only hate will appear~ with money and sin taken with smilies
so that in your death other will curse your name...
and see that those that came from your fruit...
are but arsenic by design~

aka: lyricvixen

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