Art And Books

art and books
negative hooks
they're phony they're fake
they make my head ache
although i don't read
i sing 'til i bleed
don't waste my time
cause reading's a crime
painting's much worse
a lie and a curse
it's all just pretentious
it makes me contentious
i'll fight to defend
my ignorant friend
all culture is sad
it just makes me mad
no use in thinking
i'm better off drinking
ignorance is better
i don't need no letter
as i sit in the drain
i'm drowning my brain
the books might be right
but they're blinding my sight
i'll set 'em on fire
and quench my desire
art is no fun
go get me my gun
i'm soon gonna crush
the man with the brush
i'm free of all learning
i'm angry i'm burning
you've come far to late
i'm strangled in hate
i don't need no heart
no books and no art
now i lay in my grave
i'm too late to save
you can all go to hell
i'll ring my own bel

by Brian Routh

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