All The Way Shuttled Years, True To Nature, Stories And Legends Were Loaded On My Shoulders



by Luo Zhihai

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happy mood your poem creates, Connie...both the scene therein...and your words...thanks for this write that would bring a smile on every pair of reading lips...10
Truly an enjoyable glimpse. There is more than one way of painting a picture as your poem and your creation testifies. Even the great Picasso said that art is simply a happy accident.
Sometimes, the poetry just makes you smile. The images are so vivid you feel like printing out the picture drawn in your mind. This is fresh, original, and charming. Thank you for the read, you de-stressed me a bit just by absorbing your few words as set forth in Art By A Two Year Old. Thank you, L&T
Connie, As I said, beauty is in the eye of ... - - - millions well spent! B.V.A.
This is really cute Connie. You write write with good imagery and form. This was light and fun to read. Take care.
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