Art (For An Audience Of One)

I may be Art
in the way that he was, she was
in the way that you,
most certainly, are –
in its truest form…
in its own brilliance;
a sun that blazes away
the unnecessary haze
of each new day.

I may be Art
spoken aloud in a bustling room
above the clank
of coffee cups
picked up and set back down
on wooden tables -
echoed in each scrape-sound
of every chair as it’s drawn
closer to the stage.

I may be Art
that exists alone, for its own self
having found the virtue
of residing there
on the page, inside a drawer
of the small chest –
within which beats a heart
that grows with every
word laid bare.

I may be Art
not just the end state creation of it
nor the beautifully endless
process of it
but by the natural existence
of a self
now too large to ever
be fully captured;
soaring, brave.

I may be Art
but am not the artist
nor the representation -
that partial truth
that bled out onto the page -
I am rather (perhaps)
an artful essence
only ever partly reigned,
incoherently sane.

I may be Art
created not for itself
but existing regardless
to be seen, understood
by the one consummate reader
that doesn’t need the words -
the one that hears
what’s never fully conveyed
and whispers the same.

Yes -
I may be Art…

but if I am –
I am only…

for you.

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Comments (7)

lovely, , whomever takes a risk in the name of Art is this case with a memorable i will tack it up on my easel if you dont mind.. :) tom
With so much talent and devotion, there is integrity in your writing and yet you're such an easy read.10/10
Christine, Bravo. I like this poem and I gave it 10+ It meets my poem 'Meditating on Olympia' another poetic effort to define Art. Thanks for sharing, dear charismatic poet.
T. S. Eliot, take that!
I like this brings a lot of thought.....very enjoyable piece. Thanks for sharing best wishes Jon
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