JS (June 22,1987 / Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro City)

Art Of Expression

Expressive pen showcases variety of emotions,
In a piece of paper I found no repression,
Colorful words paint the heart and soul;
Author's personality mirror hung in nameless wall.

Weeping like a child that never cares;
Every single letter portrays the poet's tears,
Weights are written heavier than the world,
Hurts and hatred freely said and told.

Love is clearly spoken through the power of ink;
A boat in the river of glory that never sinks,
Bunch of caress is safely delivered;
A soothing wind that blows a beauteous bird.

Pail of tears dropped with confidence,
Eyes dried and unmeasurable strength gained.
I'm expressive to no one but to paper through pen;
An art of expression of the repressive men.

by Juneil Sechico

Comments (9)

Very expressive in that you point out poetry for you allows you to let your emotions flow freely and creatively. Great write. 10 Karin Anderson
' A boat in the river of glory that never sinks' that's my favorite line! very good, you're really good.
Just put a soul in these words O Lord........... and it will be the colour and the fragnance.....! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Nice poem my friend 10+
you pen is a florett elegant and presise
Thank you for speaking so eloquently through your pen and for leaving your paper wet with excited tears. Great write.
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