Oh daughter of Leto and Zeus- -
The twin of Apollo- most divine
Goddess of this wilderness
The hunt, fertility & many animal kind;
Hunting for lions and panthers
Later protecting their well being
A contradiction, to say the least
Oft' times in disbelief, at what we are seeing;
You are guardian of young children
A divinity of healing
Virgin Goddess of purity
Yet, so much- - - revealing;
Oft' identified with Diana
The Goddess of the moon
Her abodes now in San Antonio
Near a hijacker and a loon;
Found there in the dead of the night
Using her PC for illegal things
Her IP address located her
Who knows what tomorrow will bring;
As Artemis knows that it is against the law
Once identified it's rather hard to hide
Oh Artemis you are such a disappointment
Ending up on the criminal side;

BY, Theodora Onken

March 27,2013

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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who knows what tomorrow will bring. lovely and true. I invite you to read my poems and comment.