Arthritis Has A Cure? (Educational)

A veterinary said that if an animal gets arthritis,
It lies down and won't gain weight and has pain.
He said that the animal industry learned many
years ago they could increase their monetary gain
by preventing and curing arthritis in livestock
by supplementing their feed with bone meal,
clay, and limestone. He said that Feed formulas
cure arthritis in animals routinely. That's a big deal.

The human victims of arthritis don't fare so well.
One in five U.S. adults has doctor-diagnosed
arthritis. There are more than 100 rheumatic
diseases and conditions. Osteoarthritis is the most
common. Some others are lupus and fibromyalgia.
The Centers for Disease Control has predicted
that by 2030 the number of adults in the United
States with arthritis will be 67 million afflicted.

There is not a single preventative medical
treatment available. Aspirin doesn't cure
arthritis and can cause stomach bleeding
and death. Acetaminophen may be your
pain killer but it's not a cure. It causes kidney
failures with 10% requiring a transplant.
Gold shots don't cure arthritis. They depress
the bone marrow so that platelets are scant.

Ibuprofen is no better. It causes liver damage.
Prescription drugs suppress your immune
system, leaving you vulnerable to diseases
far worse than arthritis, and a buffoon.

There is evidence that rheumatoid arthritis
can be slowed by diet. The herbs elderberry,
mustard, and turmeric may help with the pain
and inflammation. Vitamin D is in the repertory
of helps. It is much better to get it from sunshine
than supplements. Of use are the elements selenium,
copper, and germanium. But the main two elements
to not be deficient of are calcium and magnesium.

Before self-treatment you should think twice.
This is NOT to be considered medical advice.

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (3)

The herbs Elderberry, Mustard, and Turmeric are claimed to help arthritis. Turmeric is for inflammation. It can be bought in capsule form.
I wish the animal industry would give some tips to the medical community. Could it be that simple?
Maybe I should start eating cattle food with bone meal, clay and limestone to cure my arthritis. Very educational poem. Thanks.