Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence,
Now what is that?
Does it refer to me?
Now I do wonder,
I guess it does,
Nothing original,
All handed down.

First it's language,
Then it's lore,
Customs or habits
With a twist,
To make them mine,
Now what intelligence,
Worthy to be call such,
Would accept,
The concept,
To be treated as such.

We are molded,
And formed,
With no real choices,
We look at monkeys,
And are amazed,
How clever they are,
As clever as us.

What intelligence is that,
To be a mirror,
Like the rest,
We call robots,
Artificial intelligence,
Don't we know,
We also qualify for that!

by Holly Moon

Comments (2)

Now I do wonder but I guess it is really beautiful poem on awareness about self. Nice reading on the desk.
Can the consciousness be artificial too? nice job