My Dark Nights

At the distant verge of the horizon
slowly submerging is the weary Sun
with reddened face
bidding grudging adieus
to his day long drudging
brooding over mandatory next come!

I stood there staring at Him
I wanted to say "Don't depart! "
In an automatic reflex
I lifted my right hand aloft!
Nay! He didn't stop! I wept!

As feared reemerging are my
horror-ogres, with creepy insurgence!
A dirge from distant mountain range
barged inside my fragile core
with harrowing clangour.

Oozing out acid-reminiscenses
from burrows of my bruised past
started corroding once more
my already well-abraded heart.

The dark thickets of moonless night
are thickening my tiresome thoughts.
I wriggle on my bed like a sloughing serpent
in an insomniac discomfort getting ready
for deadly duels with my night spirits!

My only hope,a quick crack of dawn
to restart my histrionics and harlequinade
amongst my people; and dazzle one more day
making fun and pleasing everyone
with my feigned charm and exuberance
dreading inside the night at imminence.

by Sathya Narayana

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I am but finite, thou infinitely'. Great!