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Arts Of Taiwan Gandhi-Not Cauchy3

Powers are rules beyond laws.
Would there are civil on way of powers.
That is always laws or civil arts.
Panels on time delays are some.

Latter are referendums on both sides.
First set off all boots.
3 passes become 4 good wires.
Schooling is the best safe books.

Training on laws is as our free wills.
Happy thinkers are on both sides.
Off set is to zeroes powers.
Always laws are civil homes.

Taiwan and China have four passes.
Schooling is the best safe books.
Delayed timers go on ask.
First set off all books.

70 year latter is a deep pool.
Blow the cold and the hot away.
You keep your bibles I get my books.
Gandhi urns are law vats.

Taiwan Gandhi books the home.
Switch tickets are swap bosses.
No flames on cinders but warmth are heat.
Spheres mono is not twin earths.

A cake is not a piece is not good to share.
Cokes of wires are macro powers.
Cokes of yokes have no happy hares.
Taiwan Gandhi books a home.

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