Like a cold wind, you breezed through in one
unguarded moment without saying goodbye...
Leaving me alone in chills, in emptiness, in loneliness,
Now I must carry on life meant for the two of us.
God was there - watching and listening to my pleas and prayers.
But His ways are strange, and it was time...
The finale of our life together is still a page unwritten.
Too much was unsaid against the rhythmic sound
of a breathing machine... and, yet.
You smiled in spite of the pain - a synthesis of twenty five
years of joy, of love and life, of togetherness.
Now...all these are but memories simmering
away the chills and pain of parting
God meant it to I must live life twice as much.
walk the remaining path twice as much.
breath the same air twice as much.
resound the chirping of birds twice as much.
greet the sunlight twice as much,
delight those rose petals twice as much-
Until my turn comes...and this one last page
will be written when I finally rejoin my

by Aida Alcala Joshi, Ph. D.

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The poem is good and under control. On my brother's demise I wrote 'The Night You Left'; your poem reminded me of that, so felt like sharing. Kumar Vikram New Delhi