As A Book

Babii you read my mind
You look and you find
You read it like you read a book
All you do is take a look
It is a if you know what I do
As if it is all you
When I cry
When I wish to die
When I hide and lie
When I forgive and sigh
You know that I cry myself to sleep
Even tho you have no peep
You know I hurt inside bad
You seem to feel it when I am sad
You know I put on a mask to hide the truth
It gets me nowhere oh struth
You know I appear strong as if nothing
Could ever hurt me
But you know that is just
What I want you to see
You know I am so very weak and not so strong
That I collapse when things go wrong
You know that I give up a lot
When I am angry and my furry gets hot
You know I hold every thing in so tight
It hurts I let it out at night
You know what happens to people like me
You know this aint how I wanna be
You are my strong half the side which keeps me here
Thru my pain hurt and fears
It as if I am standing alone in a way
Babii I miss u every day
My hope my strength you are
My bright and shining star
I love you forever I hope you can read that
From my mind
Look it is not hard to find
It is written on my heart
Ever since we did start
It’s so deep
It will forever keep
Foxy 07

by foxy babii

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beyond ur age...rocking teen!
You are a good writer....keep expressing and writing...thank you...