# As A Day Began

as the day began
i woke up like a flower
fresh and blooming
with life..not the gloom
of yesterday in my eye
walked out....
to see a drooped flower
not wishing me good morning
the birds forget their chirruping
a filtered gray sunshine
nothing i have ever seen
seemed like a left over day
is it a dream...or a mock of
what i usually AM i think
as the clock struck six
to wake me from my dream

by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

Comments (4)

A ring of truth shouts out in this poem as we all seem to have mornings like this a page from life for sure, regards
every morning gives new hopes...a new leaf in life to whither out at the end of the day good thinking...10
Early morning dreams, they say, may come true in real life. Better have good dreams.
Fine beginning of the day.Well written.