As A Man Thinks

Poem By Claude H Oliver II

As a man thinks
So he is
His thoughts prescribe
And proscribe
That which we see
Whether it is humility
Or vanity
If he thinks pain
He exudes pain
If his thoughts are cold
An icy blizzard will unfold
If he thinks warmth
Warmth will be brought forth

So though our thoughts are born unseen
They are behind all that is seen
And done
Thought and deed are truly one


Comments about As A Man Thinks

Informative. One must carefully monitor their thoughs, for we are what we think. Well done.
Self-mastery over ones thoughts is important since ' his thoughts prescribes and proscribes out of which he behaves.Good wisdom...another ten+++
We become what we believe, and are a reflection of our inner thoughts. So, careful what thoughts you entertain, as they will set the guidelines for your life experience. Deeply introspective piece. Very wise words, very effectively written. Linda :)
a meaningful thoughtful poem..

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