As A Poet

As a poet I like to clear my head
of what I think must be said,
such as a humorous thought
that should be caught.

Or a moment remembered, good or bad,
whether it's happy, hurtful, or sad.
A great injustice that cannot be ignored,
or the protest and fight for a worthy cause.

A tear of heartbreak or happiness,
or a love that's filled with tenderness.
A love lost, and one that's gained,
one man's dishonour and another's fame.

Something new, a breath of fresh air,
originality of which, we all can share.
Seeing, hearing, tasting, and touch,
and that second sense we cherish so much.

Beauty to behold in every sense of the word,
to laugh and smile, and to be absurd.
If I couldn’t purge my thoughts I would go insane,
with all the clutter in my brain.

by Tex T Sarnie

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