As A Poet

I write to live
And I live to write
To imagine
In an imaginary world
With real truths
And with real vision
With analysis and dialysis
With problems and solutions
To see and to show
The pure and the way
Towards absolute purity
Not alone but
With the whole society
I write for satisfaction
As complete satisfaction
Is the biggest success
I feel and want
To be felt by everyone.


Comments (8)

Imaginary world, truths, real vision, analysis, solution Absolute purity. You see your life as a vocation, a calling to spread purity, love and all those perennial themes. Thank you dear Poetess. God bless you to become a great writer. tony
Towards absolute purity is running towards absolute truth and none can face it by open heart- good thought my child -Sushil Kumar Tripathy, Sonepur
A mandate of personal motivation that is refreshing!
A Beautiful flow of words from your pen Tadasha. Very true said, one must write with and for satisfaction.
a beautiful write di, , , , , , a very nice sellection of words...and nicely expressed......... i also invite u to read mine..
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