As A Wayward Child

Like a loving mother welcoming a wayward child
Twelve step members welcome the newcomer
He feels their love and the safety of their presence
The sturdiness of their ways
Judgement isn't present, acceptance is not
Grudging. Welcome is genuinely extended.

As a child can blossom in open family arms
So too is the atmosphere ripe for the
Transformation of the addicted. Love, experience,
Strength and Hope are shared, and many change.

As a child grows, so does the recovered addict
His past abuse overcome, he now
Flourishes in his heart. He knows
Tolerance, forgiveness, and acceptance.
He learns of love.
These things make his life worthwhile, and
Help keep him among the recovered.

by Ray Andrews

Comments (1)

Wonderful poem Ray.........and I have to say...for many of these people this new ''family'' is the first time they've felt the care and concern of a real ''family''. Nicely said. Sincerely, Mary