(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' ' As Above So Below(For Lyn)

I show her
the stars.

'Are they ours? '
she whispers.

'Only if we name them! '
I answer

as the Universe
undresses itself
before us.

I name the stars
for her

making up names
for the stars I don't know

...the names of.

'This one is yours...it's a Tilly star! '

I show her how
to hold it

betweeen forefinger
& thumb


I tell her what
constellations are.

Next night
the moon finds her

arranging her collections
of pebbles shells & stones

(taken from the mouth of rivers
taken from the sides of seas 0

a star's position

mimicking each

'I want to be able
to see them
even when
I can't see them! '

All that sunny Sunday
her constellation of shell & stone

shone brightly
in the noon day sun.

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Comments (2)

The world, the mind, the very heart of Miss Tilly is conquered once again, and beautifully! ! Love IT, and HER!
this is so beautiful... i think it's about a little girl, right? or it could have been about a woman, it doesn't really make a difference....