As All Else Fails

I’m tired of all of the tears
I’m tired of the blood.
I’m tired of my stupid little fears
I’m tired of the love

I’m tired of all the lonely nights
When I walk alone in the darkness
I’m tired of all the empty streets
When I walk alone in emptiness

Today I’ll go under and watch the world begin
I’ll watch the sprits be pushed into their graves
Tonight I watch as all else fails
And I’ll wait for this world to fall.

I’m tired of all the blood I’ve shed
I’m tired of all the tears that’s passed
I’m tired of the emptiness
I’m tired of the loneliness

Tonight I’ll go down and watch the world end
I’ll watch you rise again
Tonight I’ll watch as the world begins to fall
And I’ll wait for it as all else fails.

I can hear the voices of loneliness cry out
Can they hears me as I let all my fears out?
Tonight I’ll watch as no one else will
To live and love, I’ve lost my will.

by Ciara Owens

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