As An Alternattive

When reality compels
The facts help nothing and dispel
Whatever hope was formed
The fear grips as life is stormed

When we find no alternative?
We become submissive
Feel helpless and surrender to compulsion
Life seems aimless with confusion

We turn to believe in illusion
Think of golden deer to be in possession
Crown over head and vast kingdom
Such things invade mind but help seldom

What comes to help and rescue?
I think of common sense to view
Despite great turmoil
We hope for new window to avail

Music can lessen some tension
Ease the stress and address the questions
It gives time to relax and think fresh
life is thought in terms of dots and dashes

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (2)

Aloha Hasmukh... Thank you for your post this day... The thought of an alternative to simply living through the station one has inherited through birth is an ancient one... can we truly change our given pathways, and in such a simple way? As you suggest, that music may be that sought for medicine used in the cure for inner conflicts... one cannot disagree... certain notes and tones, and combinations of the same do present healing powers... and what of words? certain combinations utilized in chants do affect the chaos of one's daily existence... or conversations between men... the sharing of a community's knowledge through personal dialogue... I find myself reaching into an unknown, an unseen, in search of an answer perhaps... What comes to help and rescue? I ask this as often as I breathe... certainly things do fall into place, but there is no inner voiced answer calling through the insularity of the world's community that resonates through to me... my very own dilemma, or so this is the case with me... Perhaps you can embellish to US a more profound definition or explanation of your term Golden Deer... a reference to Geyiklü Baba, or is their an underlying message you wish to present within this post... I humbly await your future post, which will part the veil that impedes my understanding of these issues I impart to you... My most profound thanks to you for causing my thoughts to wonder so this eve... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michael.
When reality compels The facts help nothing and dispel