As Angels Fly

Why do we say they have wings?
do Angels fly? I do not know.

Can you answer this?

Why did that man appear in front of me
three times in different garages?
Why was he always just standing there
looking at me
Why would I walk up and talk to a stranger
let alone allow him to ride in my car?

Would a stranger pay $2000 for car for someone
he didn't know?
and then react with anger when
a sleazy sales person insinuated I was his mistress

Would he then vanish without a trace?

My Angel came to me that day in human flesh
He vanished just as strangely as he arrived

Is he my Angel?
Yes for that day and that moment yes.

Can he fly? I do not know.
but one thing is for sure
Only an angel would have been sent to me
in answer to my prayer that day

There are angels.
There is spirit
But I still don't know if angels fly.

by Janice M Pickett

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