(1963 / New York)

As Angels Open Wings

As angels open wings
Sadly my heart sings
Songs of what we use to know
Before the closing of the show

As angels open wings
Recollection brings
Silver shine of yesterday
Before the laughter went away

As angels open wings
Golden, many things
The breath of dances, taught to me
When life was young, your legacy

As angels open wings
The taste of tears, salt, stings
And in one's eyes no thoughts unheard
the heart more mighty than a word

As angels open wings
What sadness Springtime brings
To my brother, broken, in his chair
Refusing to leave his loved one there

As angels open wings
Through shifts of many swings
What was all yours, is still, your own
May the angels wings guide him HOME

by Susan Lacovara

Comments (2)

blinking stars tell the story of dear one's with love as angels open wings to fly away
a beautiful poem written with love he will be happy looking from above thanks for this moving read