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As Death Knows No Mercy
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

As Death Knows No Mercy

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

And when the light
at the far end
of Hope street
silently slips over the horizon
you nearly feel the icy blast
that pushed its way
through floor boards
seeking you
with its rigor mortis eyes
and its greedy talons.
It knows no mercy
and it sucks
the very breath
so shallow now
and then,
a grand finale
it blows its horn
and snuffs the spark
that once was you.
Dead calm.
The deed is done,
it matters little
that all death
is murder.

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Comments (2)

herbert wont we feel a little deep heat as well or is it all a cold experience this thing called death it is a very good write herbert clinical but isn't death like that Warm regards allan
hmmmm...that's one way to put the grim reaper.....chilling!