Nurtured By Imagination

Inner energy pulsating and keeping me alert, wide awake,
and clearly thinking.

Beautiful images coming to mind, awakening life within
to it's blessedness.

Daily using gifts given through an innate intellect,
watching as it is nurtured by imagination.

Being done in order to expand ideas and knowledge in
all directions, opening this mind wide.

Thinking outside the box, completely going out of it,
seeing extraordinary things and inventing procedures.

Aspects of technology and science, enhancing humanity
in many new ways.

Concepts filling this mind along with abstract ideas,
all coming together, blending and finding new ways of
doing many things for mankind.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (2)

Ropes of sand to keep it from effacing.....wonderful- -10
Very nice. Love all the words she chooses. So meaningful and deep.