As Faithful As Forever

Yes, as faithful as forever, that's how she was to me!
She was noble, she was clever and welcomed chivalry!
She championed every worthy cause and blessed both rich and poor.
She lived obedient to God's laws and loved Him more and more!
Charity was her middle name... Upon the streets she stood!
Collecting funds became her aim - she did the best she could!

With table tops outside the shops and bric-a-brac galore,
My mother truly was the tops with trinkets by the score!
The paperbacks were on display - romances by the ton!
And hand-on-heart, I'll truly say, she'd read them, every one!
She sold them off for cash-in-hand, her charities to bless...
So children in another land would find some happiness!

My mother knew that she was smart, yet she chose to be bold!
My mother had a wondrous heart... Her soul was good as gold!
Lord Jesus told her to prepare as she reached her life's end!
'For all your life you've showed you care. You tried to be a friend.
Your time is near, and so be strong! Have faith, you're in My hands!
I know for life you truly long, yet I have other plans...

Believe in Me, no more than now, when weak and at your worst!
For I am He who will allow your future, blessed or cursed!
Indeed, I've seen with My own eyes your good deeds, one by one!
I've seen your frowns and heard your sighs; I know what must be done!
Your journey waits - be strong, be brave! Yet know tranquillity...
For everyone God bid Me save will always come to Me...'

This prophecy was then relayed to those most dear to her...
So they would know, 'Don't be afraid! ' For such things must occur!
Her last week on this Earth was spent at home then hospital...
She claimed loved ones to her were sent and that she heard them call.
She saw the dead, her family... they waved to her in bed!
Within that week God's prophecy came true as Jesus said...

by Denis Martindale

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