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As Far As Mortal Sight Can Discern

When I told folks at Spinoza HS
I visited Big Breasted
porno sites on the web
they couldn’t believe it,
then quickly became disgusted
finally shunning me
fearing contamination
by association
if the Big Shots found out.
Worst of all
my 19 year old niece,
now a feminist,
said if I didn’t quit
she might never speak
to me again
even though I was her only uncle
and had just bought her a car
when she got her driver’s license.
Of course,
no one would have known
if I didn’t speak up
but I’d grown weary
of studying lengthy texts
delineating denial of self
but she, my niece,
kind of like a firebrand
once an idea took hold
so we discussed the matter
how I meant no disrespect
simply liked curves
and I was a photographer
so it all made sense.
“Bullshit, Uncle Steve.
Women are not objects.”
How could I explain
the intricacy of despair
and the damage was done anyway
so I lied
saying, “Never again”
then bought a 21 inch LCD
the clarity
now amazing.

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Goodness, the prudery of the younger generation. Good you lied, this time.