Thank you
for the peace and restlessness
the love and oblivion
the strength to start over again
the watercolors
the wisdom, courage and kindness
the rain and the wind
the minutes
the words
the forest and the light beings floating through the trees
the snow and sunshine
the swimming and running and skiing
the sadness and joy
the pains of growth
the sea, sand, shells and waves
the patience, intuition and kindness
the harmony and well-being
the forgiveness
the young soul
the curious mind
the healthy body
the road and destination
the energy and clarity
the freedom
the clouds and the blue behind them
the emotions
the mountains and waters
the wisdom
the sense of humor and ridicule
the earth and moon
the colors and letters
the truth
the poetry
the present and presence
the chocolate, massage and red wine
the bold ideas that are often fulfilled
the music
the balance
the whole I contain
the whole I am
the whole I belong to

Thank you for today
Thank you for all

by Des Monia

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Brilliant stuff. I think it was written in protest to the British Empire's involvement in the Boer War. At that time to be anti-war would have brought a lot of pressure upon him, yet many shared the view the war was wrong. Few remember the Boer War and the lessons learnt that would soon be needed in WW1, but forgotten or ignored. I have trouble with over and cover but would read it as 'ov-ver' with a hard 'ov'. This is a poem I never knew about before this site, thank you for that.