As For Me

As for me this is where I stand
Alone on this corner
And I never trusted those men
They looked at me with their eyes and I could feel their thoughts shifting my way
The reality hitting me in the face
Golden hair shinning while the sunlight hits it
Red lips freshly redone
And a look that could kill anyone
Those men they stare and she simply gave them a glare
That walk where she threw her hips
That smile that could heal a nation
And as for me I stood there alone on that corner
Watching her throw away her life
Those men I never trusted them even when she brought them into out home and they laid her bed
Tears freshly fallen
And shaking hands that could pain anyone
And as for me I sat there alone on that couch
And those men I never trusted them even when she told me they had her heart
Her eyes a blue so light and full of life
But with each guy those eyes became cold
Emotions fading with each man that took a part of her
The light around her faded with their stares
And as for me I lay here alone in her old bed
Those men I never trusted them and now they are all gone
But, she’s gone too
So as for me alone I will remain alone because those men I will never trust them.

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Comments (2)

Victoria as Duncan said this is such a heartbraking poem. your story telling was flowing like the woman's tears and by giving us a glimpse of your position and how you slowly lost your faith and trust in men, you gave the poem a very emotional content.. HBH
Dear Victoria This is heart breaking, Please, Please beleive me.There really are some wonderful people out there.Men, Women alike..........Loved This Poem from Duncan