As Free As A Fox?

The fox, of course, was born with teeth that one day would be used!
Designed to hunt and cause some grief and so it's been accused!
Who owns the land on which it stalks the prey it needs to live?
Is it the man who's tamed the hawks and dogs that won't forgive?
Is it the man that rides the land on horses six feet tall?
Or is it God who knows it's manned who truly owns it all?
God doesn't ask us for advice to say what must be done.
He simply tells us to be nice and not make killing 'fun'.
He won't condemn if we eat meat, give thanks and praise the Lord!
Yet Man is more than food we eat, for all of us are flawed.
What does God want the fox to do? Eat vegetables instead?
Just like a cow that's forced to chew the grass beneath its head?
God made the fox 'as is', OK? It's got four legs not two...
God gave us brains to use each day! And so, what should we do?
Put all the foxes into jails? Life sentences enough?
Or simply death 'if all else fails' when Man likes 'sport' not love?

by Denis Martindale

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