As Good As A Virgin

Maybe she had some one in her heart
Or close to her bosom or with her on the bed.
She has chosen you to marry at last,
And it is you whose seed she is to carry.
It tells none is more than you to her.
You must hold her as good as a virgin.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

Comments (3)

Virginity still matters alot in our society. i don't know good or is it bad? but the way you have taken it, iam sure even in today'sgeneration man very few will come to your callibre.
very nice and so true us women make so many mistakes in this life i with my age of 14 have already made plenty. if only there were more men like you.10++++++++
that is a nice attitude...indian men need to go a long way to be there