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As Good As You Make Me
FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)

As Good As You Make Me

Poem By Faith Elizabeth Brigham

i am here
because you have
created me
drawing from you
your truth
your life experiences

i dwell inside
your earthly being
springing forth
from your hearts core
i long for expression
use me as you need me

i am the vehicle
behind that
driving need of
yours to be heard
i am your life-line
your path to peace
and fulfillment

use me wisely
for you are my master
while i am like
a soothing salve
i will never leave you
spurring you onward

i am your poetry
your unique form
of contribution
to all mankind
i am your emotional
release and
your reprieve

i am capable
of greatness and
can change peoples lives
i will live forever
but please remember
i am only as good
as you make me

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