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As He Drove Home From Work

As he drove home from work at twilight of the day
Any heed to news of widespread flooding on his car radio he did not pay
The river in brown flood flowed like an inland tide
And flooded the flat ground for miles on either side

The imminent danger to his life he did not seem to realize
His car deep in flood waters to his shock and surprise
He could not open the car doors the force and weight of water too great
A watery ending to his life was to be his fate

Next day his remains found he had drowned in his car
The news of his tragic passing it did travel far
His wife and young son and daughter for him left to grieve
Sadder tidings they could not have hoped to receive

The countryside covered in flood waters of brown
And he never did make it back home to town
In his thirty first year he will not grow old and gray
In the town cemetery all is quiet where he lay.

by Francis Duggan

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