As I...

Poem By Pierre Richard Raymond

As I walk through the pathway
Of your sacred beauty on a silent
Night with bouquets of holy hope
In my poor little tender heart,
I splinter the new moon into words
To convey, while in bed,
The dazzling spectrum of an unappeased romance.
As I look through the lenses of your filtered dreams of passion,
I see an emerald sky open its golden gate
To welcome us as two falling stones in the river of love.
As I look at you, Dedelle, I hope
Shying away my shyness to put on
The apron of a sincere sentiment.
Of lust, love, trust, and commitment
As I look at you, I hope to conquer
Your world of passion and enjoy every bit of it
And make a holy potion to cure my soul
From my incurable doubts of conveying my true love
To the woman of my lingering dreams.

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great poem i like it

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Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful butterfly, fly while you can.
Fly across my happiness and anguish.
Fly in my beloved darken sky and unfold
The reluctant clouds of my inspiration.

On August 5th...

Of love revolves her character.
Of reason all sums up in delight.
Of tears all flows with passion
To vehemently tickle her beauty