Teach Yourself To Live

An old man sits reading
'Teach yourself to live'

In a ditch sloping down
To where children are

Playing. He has no designs
On them, nor they

In him, but he has
Given them stories

Of their own invention.

He is in their lives


by Fergus Anthony

Comments (1)

The three or four last lines of this poem is a killer. '...as I age.' I laughed inside when I read that. Very well put. But this has various taking. One is I am glad to do it, and I mean be naked; I do not get too many resquests now that I am aging. Another taking is; Hell no! I am too old to go for that now. Your poems always make me think. I like in this one the occational rhyme that you put here and there, and they make sense. The problem with rhyme is that most of the time young poets do not know how to do it. They just look for a word that rhymes and that`s it There is more to rhyme than just rhyming. Take care no and k eep it up!