# As I Cross The City Limits...

As i cross the city limits
it takes a while
before thoughts recede
from my cluttered mind
and i begin to feel at ease...

couple of hours in the countryside
I am amazed to find
that the march of time
has not touched
the rhythm and rhyme

women, with firewood
on their head,
walk in a way that would
pose a threat
to models on
the ramp...

While a farmer
entrusts his crops
to scarecrows,
dressed as folks
from tip to toe
all with a hat and bow...

a women sits
with fresh honey,
looking bright and sunny.

A sheperd herds his lambs
At dusk after
they have to
their fill grazed...

we are driving past
at eighty miles an hour,
I urge, to slow down
As I want to take in
the smells and the sounds

We park and sit
For a while,
Buy a bottle of honey,
And drink a glass of lassi

Come on hurry,
We are running late
hey, let's just enjoy
the journey....

feeling wistful
i knew it was
just wishful,
as we are
to noise
and pollution...

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (5)

The country has a timeless charm which you have captured and kept in the landscapes of your mind. Thank you for sharing your poetic vision with your readers. It is 20/20, Mamta. Lovely... Warmest regards, Sandra
3 rd stanza, something like that I wrote in my LIVING IDOL. Since I lived (still living) most of life in villages, I am very much acquainted with these beautiful scenes. But, unfortunately, villages, nowadays are spoiled by politics; too many group fightings, enemity etc. losing their original enchantment. But I wonder, in one trip, at 80kmph you saw so much and depicted so beautifully without missing a single beautiful aspect of a village. Your observation power is really extraordinary Madam.
a well enjoyed 'honey bought' countryside journey...the verbal images you draw here are nice to visualise, Mamta...good piece...10
I love crossing the city limits to view the country side, leaving behind our urban problems for a while! I enjoyed this poem! -Raj Nandy
Time never seems to touch the countryside, or so it seems Mamta, the closer you get to citys the faster time seems to pass... Enjoy the views Mamta 10