As I Cut.

Cutting so bad
I'll lose all my f*cking blood
I just wanna cut so f*cking bad
Destroy all my f*cking pain
Just make it all go away
I cant stand not cutting
All my friends
You all should feel f*cking lucky that
I'm not f*cking cutting its all for you...

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this reminds me of my sister
wow, i really understand how you feel or what you are talking about. cutting is a horriable addiction and having someone as special as my friends to get me to still is hard not to.even for them. well i love this poem
I recommend this for the message. It's not unfamiliar but it is seldm expressed this way. There is a morality here. GW62
i can feel ur pain! ! ! I've cut before and its a hard addiction to surpass...
wow i totally hear where your coming w/ this 1