As I Gather

There was the word,
and the word begat other words... and a sentence was born.
And the author saw that it was good.
As he went through life he saved the best sentences in his heart
that he might use them later… for they were truths.
Truths to be told when the time was appropriate.
it's not about keeping score...
Give the words you gather in your heart to those in need.
Give the words to uplift, not to cut down.
Use the talents that have been given to you
to help those around you..

to console those who's pain is fresh.
to bring peace where there is anger.
Use your life experiences
to bring comfort when comfort is needed.
to instruct, when questions are asked.
to scold, only when you must.
It is in giving that you will receive.
If you give out anger,
anger will befall you.
If you give out bitterness,
you will be bitter.
If you give out love,
one day it will be returned.
Peace can only be found by the peaceful.
Those who hate will never find peace.
Remove hate from your life before it is too late.
Peace is a choice.
Choose it.
Joy can only be found by those who choose to be happy.
Those who are bitter will never find happiness.
Happiness is a choice.
Choose it.
Love can only be found by those who seek it.
Look for it each and every day.
Give it whenever asked.
Give it whenever you see it is needed.
Don't confuse lust with love.
Love is patient, Lust is not.
Choose Love.
Love seeks to give, Lust doesn't care.
Choose to Care.
Love survives all things, Lust runs away.
Choose to survive.
When you are hurting, don't be afraid to seek comfort.
Those around you who matter will give it. They are your friends.
Those around you who don't matter, won't.
Choose Friendship.
Friends are a measure of who you are.
You will be measured by the friends you keep.
Choose your friends carefully.
They are your keys to immortality.

by Walter Killeen

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We will not be judged by the size of our wallets or even how many friends we have. We will be judged on how well we use the talents we have been given to make this a better place.