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As I Grow Older
DK (1951 / UK)

As I Grow Older

Poem By David Keig

As I grow older I can see
Some things with greater clarity
As I grow greyer day by day
There’s some things that won’t go away
The aches and pains where once were none
The reading glasses I put on
But there’s one point I’d like to make
Not for my own but others’ sake
And that this ageing’s no surprise
We’re born for one thing – that’s to die
So as I feel my time run out
There’s something in me wants to shout
For what a life! For all I’ve seen!
I thank you Lord for having been.

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I kind of resent this getting older business, in my mind I still feel fourteen but I can't get my bald head and forty-one year-old body to work with me, great poem, David.