As I Lay Awake In The Darkness Of Night

My thoughts seem to race
I can't seem to understand
anything around me
it fades away
gone into the night
as I lay awake
not able to sleep
listening to my heart
it's unsteady rhythm
beating and aching
wondering why oh why
does this happen to me
I feel the blood
rushing through my body
but it doesn't wish to keep going
on through the pain

Hours go by
and I'm still in deep thought
as my mind finally slows
as dawn approaches
my body laying so still
as if it were in a grave
waiting for the day
to leave the pain
and be gone forever
never to be noticed.

by shelbie bozeman

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There hasn't been a day in my 59 almost 60 years that I haven't thpught about ending my life in one way or another. But then I get out my pen and paper and write about what bothers me at the time, and everything that has gone before. My life has been one garbage can fiasco after another, but yet somehow I find the courage to go on. This is a sad poem of letting life defeat the mind, when the mind is actually superior. I live my life according to what is in my soul, and the soul tells the mind, and the mind tells the body...then I act. Thank you for sharing this deep, mind entangling poem. Love & hugs, Barbara